Topcon Laser Manager App

Topcon Laser Manager App

Topcon have always been at the forefront of laser level technology. Some 15 Years they were the first manufacturer to offer a 5-year guarantee on all their laser products. And back in May 2020 they launched an app to make the laser level users life easier.

It is the Topcon Laser Manager App.

The Topcon Laser Manager App is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

At the time of writing the Topcon Laser Manager App can be used with just 3 Topcon Laser Products. These are the TP-L6 (Pipe Laser), the RL-HV (Rotating Laser Levels) and the LS-B200W (Laser Machine Display Receiver).

The Topcon LS-B200W Receiver was the latest product added with the release of Ver.2.1.0 on the 6th July 2022.

The App is currently a free download, but it does say that it contains in-app purchases. The in-app purchases are priced at £89.99 per item.

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How does the Topcon Laser Manager App connect to the Laser Levels.

The Topcon Laser Manager App currently works with three Topcon Laser Systems. This is because the connection is via Bluetooth and the laser system needs to be compatible. There are very few laser levels, pipe lasers and receivers that have Bluetooth connectivity. But with time the list should grow. And I am sure that other manufacturers will also follow suit.

Topcon Laser Manager Splash Screen

What can the Topcon Laser Manager App do?

There are three ways the Topcon Laser Manager can help you.

  1. Find and download the user manuals for the Lasers that the App will work with.
  2. The ability to control the Lasers remotely.
  3. Perform checks on the accuracy of the Lasers and the ability to adjust.

The main benefit of the Topcon Laser Manager must be the ability to control Topcon Laser Products. This makes setting pipe lasers or laser levels easier from a distance. Lots of times I find that I need to look at the point at which the laser is detected and not at the laser itself. I have not tested this app myself to see what the Bluetooth connection range is, and this may be limited by the capabilities of the device it is installed on.

A secondary benefit is being able to find and download the product manuals easily on the App. How often do you need to know how to use a function or need to refer to the manual only to not know where the manual is. Or as often happens on construction sites they get wet and dirty and then can’t be read.

The best feature, I think, of the Topcon Laser Manager App is the ability to perform checks and to adjust that laser levels. Being able to adjust the laser level on site means less downtime and greater efficiency for the construction site team and the company.

How to check a Laser Level.

Checking a laser level is a simple affair but does take time and care to do it right. Laser levels should be checked frequently and before any critical works. Checking a laser level uses the same principle as checking an automatic level. There is a full article on how to check a rotating laser level on this website.

How to check a rotating laser level.

Being able to check and adjust a laser level on site can save thousands of pounds/dollars/euros in costs. I can remember one time that a Steel Frame Building was being erected and the sub-contractor was using a laser level that had been calibrated but not checked it before use. The laser level was not working correctly and the steel frame he was erecting was not level. This turned out to be a costly mistake for him. Read the full story about what happened on this website.

Costly mistake due to laser level inaccuracy.


If you have any of these laser products, TP-L6 (Pipe Laser), the RL-HV (Rotating Laser Levels) and the LS-B200W (Laser Machine Display Receiver), then the Topcon Laser Manager App is a must for you. What’s more, it’s free.

Topcon RL-HV2S Laser Level

The Topcon RL-HV2S Laser Level is designed for multiple tasks that is construction site tough.

One of the largest operating ranges of any laser level at 2,600ft or 800m.

120Hrs of operating time. That's over 2 week's working time.

IP66 Rating, tough enough for any job site.

Works with the Topcon Laser Manager App.

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