AI's and Laser Tape Measures

What do A.I.’s know about laser tape measures?

Artificial Intelligence is booming. And it is now becoming prevalent in our lives. I am sure tht you will have read an article written by an Artificial Intelligence program. A lot of people are using these programs to write articles on websites.

Producing articles quickly and easily are the selling points for these applications. For any website that needs to create articles this can be a great advantage.

But can you trust them? Where do these A.I.’s get their information from and is the information good quality and informative.

Well, I decided to try one out by asking it a few questions. This article does contain A.I. content. And so that you know which is which, my questions are prefixed by Me: and the A.I.’s answers are in italics and prefixed by AI:

Questions to an A.I. about laser tape measures.

Me: When was the first laser tape measure available to buy?

AI: March 2003

Me: Who produced the first laser tape measure?

AI: Pythagoras

What was the first laser tape measure used for?

To measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon

Me: Measuring the distance from the earth to the moon must be very difficult. How is the laser beam reflected from the moon?

AI: The laser beam is reflected from the surface of the moon.

Me: Measuring to the Moon is very interesting but it is not what most people are going to use a laser tape measure for. What do you think most people would use a laser tape measure for?

AI: Most people would use a laser tape measure for measuring the distance between two points.

Me: Can you give an example?

AI: Yes. If you wanted to measure the distance between two points on a wall, you could use a laser tape measure.

Me: How accurate are laser tape measures?

AI: Laser tape measures are very accurate.

Me: What are the advantages of using a laser tape measure over a traditional tape measure?

AI: There are several advantages of using a laser tape measure over a traditional tape measure. Laser tape measures are more accurate, they are easier to use, and they can measure longer distances

Me: When was the first laser produced?

AI: The first laser was produced in 1960.

Me: When was Pythagoras alive?

AI: Pythagoras was alive from 570 BC to 495 BC.

Me: You answered that Pythagoras produced the first laser tape measure, but Pythagoras died before laser tape measures were invented.

AI: How is that possible? Pythagoras did not produce the first laser tape measure. He was a Greek mathematician who lived over 2,000 years ago.

Me: Thank you for your time today. Your answers have been very informative. Do you have anything to add?

AI: No, thank you for your questions.


It is clear from the answers to my questions that the A.I. is giving incorrect answers to the questions. Some of the answers are wildly inaccurate, to the point that they are comical…

You can draw your own conclusions from the answers given to the questions. And hopefully enjoyed the conversation and learnt what to look out for with regard to A.I. generated content.

But what is for definite is that you can’t trust the answers given.

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