Is a laser tape measure worth it

Is a Laser Measure worth it?

How can you know if buying a laser tape measure is going to be worth it?

There is no doubt that laser tape measures are very useful tools. With so many on the market and prices ranging from a few £/$/€ to a few hundred £/$/€ it can be difficult to know if they are worth it.

No matter what the cost of a new laser tape measure is, through this article I hope to share a with you how you can decide which laser tape measure will be worth it for you.

And hopefully which one will provide the most value.

Afterall, you are handing over your hard-earned cash in return for a piece of equipment that should make your life easier and more productive.

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What does Cost, Worth and Value mean in this context.

Let’s start with cost. It is the easiest to define and measure.

Simply it is the price that you pay for the laser tape measure that you buy. You handover your hard-earned cash and in return you receive the laser tape measure of your choice. But the cost of the laser tape measure influences how the value and the worth will be determined.

You want to pay the least you can for a laser tape measure. Paying the least will mean that what it is worth and the value you get are greater. But you need to satisfy yourself that it has all the features you need and want.

What is a Laser Tape Measure Worth?

There are different definitions of worth. And it depends on how we are talking about the item. Are we using the term worth, as an adjective or a noun?

If talking about the price of the laser tape measure, then it is being described. For example, this laser tape measure is worth £100/$100/€100. But this is not the definition of worth that we want.

The definition of worth that is needed for this is the amount of work that can be done in a specific time. Does a laser tape measure increase the amount of work that we can do in a specific amount of time.

Also, can the laser tape measure perform tasks that a standard tape measure can’t do. Or can it perform the tasks better.

What is the value of a laser tape measure?

There are a different definitions of value, and once again it depends on how we are going to talk about the item. Are we using the term value as a verb or a noun?

This time we want to use the term value as both a verb and a noun. The laser tape measure has a value that we can describe in monetary terms, but it also has a value in the way that we can use it and how much extra productivity it can give to us.

When describing the value of a laser tape measure we will often value it more than for the price that we paid for it. For example, I might have paid £100/$100/€100 for a laser tape measure but it is worth £150/$150/€150.

We often use this value term when we get a laser tape measure at a discounted cost. Anytime that we have not paid the full recommended retail price for the item.

Rather than using the term value to mean a monetary amount for the purposes of this article value will mean the usefulness or the importance of the laser tape measure.

When using value as a noun, we are describing the importance or the usefulness of the laser tape measure. For example, the laser tape measure can measure a greater distance than a conventional tape measure.

How to Decide if a Laser Tape Measure is Worth it.

Deciding if a laser tape measure is worth buying, we need to consider several factors. These factors will include price, usefulness, accuracy, and productivity.

All these factors will have a bearing on whether we feel but the laser tape measure is worth it. I think the most important factor is the usefulness, closely followed by productivity.

A laser tape measure will only be worth it if it enables us to measure more distances in a quicker time. Or it can measure more distances than a standard tape measure.

Are laser tape measures more useful than standard tape measures?

I certainly think that laser tape measures are more useful than standard tape measures. That doesn’t mean that I still do not use a standard tape measure. I do. I carry around both a laser tape measure and a standard tape measure every day at work. But for me a laser tape measure can measure more distances than a standard tape measure.

For example, the other day I needed to measure a road width. With the road still in use and open to traffic using a standard tape measure across the road would not have been the best idea. Here in the UK working or crossing a live road whilst carrying out your duties at work is (in most cases) not allowed. And pushing a physical tape measure across the road would also not be allowed.

If I only had a standard tape measure, then I would not have been able to measure the road width. But I could use a laser tape measure.

For this I used one of the cheap laser tape measures to measure this distance. Using a laser tape measure meant that I did not have to cross the open road or string a tape across the road.

Measuring across a live road.

Benefits of Laser Tape Measures.

One of the main benefits I find that a laser tape measure has over a standard tape measure is the ability to measure into corners. The other day I was measuring the internal dimension of a window. Using a traditional tape measure, I found it tricky to measure the width accurately. This was because I had to curl the tape into the corner.

But with the laser tape measure, I could accurately measure the width of the window. By placing the laser tape measure on the window and measuring from the rear of the device. I got the accurate width measurement I was after.

Judge for yourself, the pictures below show the issue of using a standard tape measure for this kind of distance measurement. The tape measure I was using does not have a dimension on it for measuring to the back of it.

Having to curl a tape measure
Measuring Window Width Accurately with a Laser Tape Measure

Another benefit of laser tape measures is when measuring longer distances than 8 metres. Most standard tape measures that recoil only measure about 8 metres. Nearly all laser tape measures will measure distance greater than this.

Using standard tape measures the most one person can measure by themselves will be around about 8 metres. Distances greater than this using standard tape measures will be a two-person job.

With a laser tape measure measuring long distances can be done easily by a single person. we also don’t have to worry about the tape sagging over great distances. this greatly increases our accuracy that can be achieved with distance measurements.

Measuring longer distances with a standard tape measure can become inaccurate due to sag in the tape measure when measuring horizontally. Vertical measurements can be affected by movement of the tape too.

Laser beams can also be distorted due to differences in air temperature and therefore air density. Take a look at the video below that shows a pipe laser beam dancing around the target.

The 24th June 2020 was one of the hottest days during the year in the UK. And on this day, we were laying a 225mm diameter perforated black drainage pipe. The 24th June 2020 was also a sunny day. We had put in about 30m of the black twin wall pipe. Not much of the pipe run had been backfilled due to waiting on pipe gravel. This will have accentuated the movement of the laser dot.

How to know if a laser tape measure is worth it?

A laser tape measure is only going to be worth it if

  • It enables you to do something that you couldn’t do before.
  • Saves you more money over its lifespan.

If the laser tape measure allows you to do something that you couldn’t do before then it is certainly worth it.

We need go no further.

Just buy one.

Laser Distance Meter 50M/165ft, Mileseey IP54 Laser Measure with 2 Bubble Levels,Portable Laser Rangefinder Digital Distance Meter with 4 Line LCD Display and Bigger Clear Backlight (Battery Included)
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  • ✦ Package Contents & Warranty - 1*S2 50m/165ft Laser Distance Meter; 2 AAA Batteries; Package Box; User Manual; 30-Day RETURN refund guarantee.
atolla Laser Measure Device, Laser Distance Meter up to 60m / ± 2mm Digital Measure Tool Range Finder with Bubble Level and Large LCD Backlit and Waterproof IP54

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[Precise measurement]- Thanks to the advanced laser technology, a measuring accuracy of +/- 2mm is achieved. The multi 4-line backlit LCD is easy to read and can also be used in dark environments. There are 2 bubble levels installed for precise vertical and horizontal alignment of the laser. The measurement start reference point can be configured as the front or back of the device. If necessary, the measurement results can be adjusted by +/- 7mm.
[Extensive functions] - With this handy laser distance meter you can easily set the display unit between meter/inch/foot. Up to 20 records can be saved and retrieved. The device also has addition, subtraction, self-calibration, and mute buttons.
[IP54 & Energy Saving] - The housing of this high-quality T201 is made of robust PC and ABS plastic. It is dustproof and protected from splashing water (IP54). Besides, the device has an Auto-Off function, which allows the meter to switch off after 3 mins of inactivity.
[Easier & Compact] - The atolla laser distance meter provides a much simpler, faster and more precise measurement. Due to its compact design, it can be easily stored in a bag or jacket pocket. A removable hand strap provides safe handling.

If the laser tape measure is an alternative device then we need to consider whether it makes the working life easier or more productive. This can be hard to judge.

Hopefully this will make understanding the worth of a laser tape measure easier. It should work with any device you want to buy.

Time is Money.

We have all heard the saying. We don’t often see how it applies to ourselves though, let alone devices and their worth.

Estate agents will have to measure the room sizes of the houses they will be advertising for sale. Not only have the room sizes got to be accurate, they need to do them quickly.

Consider the time saving that could be achieved by using a laser tape measure against a traditional tape measure.

The average house will have 3 bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lounge, 1 Dining Room and a Garage or Conservatory. A total of 6 rooms, ignoring stairs, entrances halls and landings.

To measure and write down each room would take 5 minutes with a standard tape measure. Doing the same exercise with a laser tape measure only takes 4 minutes.

A saving of 1 minute.

Our fictional estate agent can measure up 5 houses a day, or 25 a week. The laser tape measure can produce a saving of 25 minutes per week.

The fictional estate agent earns £12 per hour. A rate just above the national minimum wage for the UK.

The laser tape measure can free up 25 minutes of time every week. This is equivalent to £5 wage being earnt.

The estate agent works 46 weeks in a year. So, the saving made over the year, using the laser tape measure is £230.

Now consider the cost of the laser tape measure. If the estate agent was to buy one of the 3 cheap laser tape measures I bought earlier to see if they were any good, the most they would have paid is £26.

Over the course of a year the laser tape measure is worth £204. This is the value of the saved time minus the cost of the product.

How you work out whether a laser tape measure is worth buying should be worked out in a similar manner.

Potential time savings multiplied by your earning power minus the cost of the product. As long as this figure is positive then the purchase is worth it.

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I chose 3 cheap laser tape measures that are currently available on the Amazon website. I picked the best selling one, the best choice one and one that was on special offer. All three of these laser tape measures were under £26.00. All three have a range of at least 40m (130ft) and have an accuracy within 2mm (1/16”).

The best seller laser tape measure available was the Mileseey 50m Laser Tape Measure. I paid £25.97 for this laser tape measure in October 2021. To check out the Mileseey laser tape measure use this link to Amazon. Buying a Laser Measure for under £50 can be difficult. I think the Mileseey S2 is one of the best Laser Measures for the price.

The recommended laser tape measure available was the Atolla 60m Laser Tape Measure. I paid £19.99 for this laser tape measure in October 2021. To check out the Atolla laser tape measure use this link to Amazon.

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