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The Best Laser Tape Measures: 3 Models That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

When it comes to buying the best laser tape measure, there are a few things you should know. The first is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to have an accurate and reliable device. In fact, we’ve found three models that won’t hurt your pocket but still provide excellent performance. Here’s what you need to know about each one:


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Our top 3 laser tape measures that won’t hurt your pocket are:

  1. Bosch GLM 50 C
  2. DeWalt DW03050-XJ
  3. Leica Disto D2

In selecting these 3 laser tape measures we needed them to fit certain criteria. The criteria that you would want from a laser tape measure like accuracy, durability, ease of of use and of course price.

In selecting these 3 laser tape measures we have made sure that they all have the following features:

  • Measure at least 50m
  • Have an IP54 Rating or greater
  • Are accurate to ± 1.5mm or better
  • Have an associated free app for ease of use
  • Not over £200

Do not buy the cheapest laser tape measure you can find.

Now we could all go out and buy the cheapest laser tape measure we could find, but that is usually false economy. The cheapest laser tape measure is not going to be the best. You need to buy a quality device that will last and provide accurate measurements for years of use, and that is why I still have my Leica Disto A5 (from 2007, some 14 years ago).

The first is the Bosch GLM 50C

It’s a great choice for those who need to measure longer distances, as it can go up and down from 0 – 20 meters with an accuracy of +/-0 .05%. It also has a range of up to 50 meters, and it’s easy-to measure with its automatic mode.

The Bosch rangefinder GLM 50C is impressive because it’s easy to operate, has versatile functions and compact dimensions. This is a pocket-size laser tape measure that can be used with one hand, fairly easily. The GLM 50C Laser Tape Measure by Bosch has a range of 50 meters and the built-in memory function retrieves the most recent 30 measurements for quick and easy working. Furthermore, the Bosch GLM 50 C impresses with its stake-out function and 360° inclination sensor.

Indirect height and length measurements can also be done with the Bosch GLM 50C. And it is capable of simple angle measurements and levelling applications, that can be carried out quickly and intuitively.

Download the Bosch MeasureOn app, available for iOS and Android and Transferring data via Bluetooth® is fast and efficient.. The GLM 50 C is easy to operate thanks to its automatically rotating colour display and improved user interface.

Thanks to the dust and splash protection (IP 54), the Bosch laser measure GLM 50 C is ideally suited to daily demanding use on construction sites.

The Bosch GLM 50 C is a reliable and accurate laser measure that can be used in all measuring applications. It is a great all round performer that will have you measuring like a pro in minutes.

Bosch Professional laser measure GLM 50 C
  • CONNECTIVITY: Bosch laser measure GLM 50 C with Bluetooth, stake-out function and 360° inclination sensor for easy angle measurement
  • CONNECTIVITY + MEASUREON APP: Easy on-site documentation of floor plans, measurements, photos, and notes with cloud-based project access anywhere on all devices.
  • INTUITIVE DISPLAY: Illuminated colour display with automatic alignment and overview of all functions of the rangefinder
  • TECHNICAL DATA: IP 54, measuring range up to 50 m, laser class 2, measuring accuracy ± 1.5 mm and ± 0.2°, data transfer via Bluetooth
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Bosch Professional laser measure GLM 50 C, 2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA) batteries, protective bag

Our Second Choice is the DeWalt DW03050-XJ.

The second model we recommend is the DeWalt DW03050-XJ. This is a laser tape measure that has been designed to be used by professionals and tradesmen. The measuring range of this model measures up from 0-50m. This laser tape measure is accurate too. It has a measuring accuracy of +/- 1.5mm accuracy per 10m. This is more accurate than the measurements you can get from a traditional tape measure.

Thanks to the dust and splash protection (IP 54), this laser tape measure is perfect for outdoor use.

There is also the DeWalt tool connect app that allows you to record your measurements out on site. These apps are what make laser tape measures so much easier and quicker to use.

The DeWalt DW03050-XJ has a tripod thread and can be mounted on tripods, which makes it easier to work with this model in difficult positions or when you need more accuracy than what the hand provides (elevations). The DeWalt DW03050-XJ also provides distance, area, volume and indirect height (Pythagoras) calculations.

The DeWalt DW03050-XJ is a great laser tape measure for professionals and tradesmen. It’s more accurate than traditional tapes measures that are always susceptible to measurement errors.

DEWALT Laser Distance Measurer 50M DW03050
  • Laser rangefinder suitable for the toughest working conditions (drops and impacts up to 2 m) with IP65 leak-proof protection
  • Range up to 50 m with 1.5 mm
  • Typical measuring functions: distance measurement, surface field calculation, volume calculation
  • Summing and subtracting measurements, and reading results in a metric or imperial system
  • Variable continuous measurement function for work with planning
  • Packaging may vary

And finally there’s our top pick: Leica Disto D2 BT.

The Leica DISTO D2 is our top pick for a laser tape measure as it is the most accurate and reliable. (I still have my Leica Disto A5 after 14 years and it is still accurate). What’s more is it is incredibly easy to use, the Leica Disto D2 is one of the smallest laser tape measures available, yet it still has a wide range of features and functions to suit the demands of the many different tradesmen and professionals that are using this instrument.

Make sure that you get the Bluetooth version of the Leica Disto D2, there are still non-bluetooth versions for sale. With the Leica Disto D2 BT you can the work with the excellent Leica Disto Sketch App available for android and iOS systems.

With a range of 100 metres, an accuracy of 1.5mm, the Leica Disto D2 has become the measuring tool for most indoor measurement applications. Why, because it saves valuable time over other measuring methods and is the laser measure chosen by professionals in every trade from estate agents to engineers.

Not only can the Leica Disto D2 calculate functions of addition and subtraction, it can also calculate areas and volumes, the results being easy to read on the clear 3 line illuminated display. This means the display shows up to 3 measurements simultaneously, believe me, this is well handy. And by using the recall memory the last 10 measurements can be easily and quickly recalled.

The continuous measuring function allows the Leica Disto D2 to perform as a rolling tape measure, the display showing the minimum and maximum measurement as well as the current measurement. This is very handy for working out clearances between structures or walls. This is one of the functions that I use the most.

The D2 also has the multi function end-piece which locks in position, this is very handy for allowing accurate measurements from edges or corners.

As you would expect from Leica Geosystems, the DISTO D2 is a quality instrument at a very competitive price which includes a 3 Year Warranty.

The DISTO is a very versatile instrument, it can be used for measuring in all directions and has the capability to measure from up high. This makes this model ideal when working on structures or buildings that are difficult access.

Leica Disto D2 Laser Distance Meter
  • Bluetooth Smart (4.0)
  • Measure areas and volumes
  • Flip-out end-piece – For measuring from edges or corners
  • Pythagorean functions - Indirect width and height measurements for inaccessible positions
  • Leica Disto Sketch

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