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Why you should check your auto level weekly.

Weekly Checks are Essential on Auto Levels The Auto Level, while not great in cost, is a precision piece of measuring equipment. Being able to see and provide levels, to within a couple of millimetres, at a distance of 50m from the auto level is incredible. But having confidence that your auto level is giving you the correct results is …

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Leica Disto D2, a Good Buy?

What is the Best Laser Tape Measure Available? The Leica Disto in my opinion is the best laser tape measure available today. The Leica Disto was the one of the first laser tape measures to come to the market and is still the best one today. I have had a Leica Disto since 2007 and never had any trouble with …

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The Best Way to Find Freelance Work

Doing an internet search for finding a freelance engineering role usually brings up lots of adverts for companies that say they can get you a job. They all say they know the key to success for your next freelance role. But do they?

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Dimensional Control Surveys are Critical to Success.

Why Traversing is Still Essential in Construction. For any construction project to be completed successfully it needs to have good dimensional control. We need to have a dimensional control survey. Dimensional control will enable us to build independent structures that can then be tied together with another structure. Think of building two bridge abutments separately and then linking them with …

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How accurate can your linear measurements be?

Why do we need accurate measurement? Whenever we take a measurement, we want it to be as accurate as possible. We need the measurement to be right. But we know that any measurement that we take will have an error associated with it. If we do not have accurate measurements, then whatever we are building or constructing will not fit …

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Avoid these 3 Measurement Errors in Construction Setting Out

Setting out on construction sites always involves either taking measurements or giving measurements from points or base lines. But whenever a measurement is taken or given for the purpose of setting out on a construction site it will be subject to errors. These errors may be negligible, or they might be significant. For the purpose of setting out in construction …

Survey Equipment Accessories you need, but didn’t know about

On this page I shall be detailing pieces of survey equipment accessories you need, but didn’t know about. All the items of equipment put on this page should make your working life easier. I shall be updating this page all the time with new products as I find them. Leica A4 Target Plate If you do ever struggle with measuring …