Survey Equipment Accessories you need, but didn’t know about

On this page I shall be detailing pieces of survey equipment accessories you need, but didn’t know about. All the items of equipment put on this page should make your working life easier. I shall be updating this page all the time with new products as I find them. Disclaimer: This site, and in particular this page, contains affiliate links …

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Can a dumpy level be used to measure distance?

Can a dumpy level really be used to measure distances? Yes, it can.  And in this article I shall be detailing how this can be done. How to use a dumpy level to measure distance. A little-known trick that can be done with automatic (dumpy) levels is to measure distances.  This is done by using the Stadia Lines seen through …

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Beginners Guide to Laser Tape Measures.

Laser Tape Measures have been around for a number of years now. They are becoming more common and are readily available in most DIY stores and online at very reasonable prices. They were once the preserve of professionals who were taking lots of measurements throughout the day. In this article I will be going through the basics of Laser Tape …

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Top 5 Best Rotating Laser Levels of 2020

This is my top 5 rotating laser levels of 2020 for general site construction use. I have been using rotating laser levels on construction sites for well over 15 years and so my list of the best rotating laser levels is based on my experience using them.