LasGoo LG-3D or the LasGoo LG-3Ds

What do you get with the LasGoo LG-3D and LG-3Ds?

LasGoo is a company that has recently (2022) joined the laser level manufacturer industry. They have provided me with two of their products for review. These are the LG-3D and the LG-3Ds. This will be the first of the review articles that I will be writing about these laser levels. For this first article I thought it would be useful to look at what you get with each laser level and what, if any, are the differences between them.

Before I start, I need to disclose that I have received both of these laser levels free of charge from LasGoo for these reviews. These are not paid for in anyway and I have not had any instructions from LasGoo about what to write. What I will write will be factual about the laser levels I have. I will include links to these laser levels that will allow you to purchase them if you want, for which I may earn a small commission. However, this will not affect the price you pay for the laser level.

Disclaimer: This site, and in particular this page, contains affiliate links to products. You are under no obligation to but if you visit and buy something from their site from a link on this site, we will receive a small commission, the price you pay will remain the same. This helps to keep this website running and your help is appreciated.

I have been using laser levels for almost a quarter of a century now. The first one I remember using was a Topcon Laser Level at a rail depot in the east of London way back in the late 1990’s. It was being used to give levels for a bulldozer to grade stone for the new rail lines. Machine control has come a long way since those days. These Laser Levels are totally different to the one that I started with, not only terms of size and capabilities, but also in cost. The LasGoo LG-3D and the LG-3Ds are certainly within most people’s budget.

What is LasGoo and what do they do?

LasGoo is a brand established by Guangzhou Baqianli Technology Co., Ltd. to produce a range of laser level products. The founders of the LasGoo brand were working on their own home improvement projects in 2022 they noticed that some well-established brands offered laser levels with impressive features but at significantly high price points, and another cheap brand offered laser levels with low quality. 

This realization sparked their determination to bridge the gap in the market. They envisioned a laser level that would be not only reasonably priced but also maintain exceptional quality and meet professional standards. 

This information has been provided to me and is available on their website about page at

What does the LasGoo LG-3D and the LG-3Ds come with?

The easiest way to show what is included with each laser level is for me to create a comparison table for you. Both Laser Levels come in a dedicated carry case which is shipped in a branded (informative) box.

Item DescriptionLG-3DLG-3Ds
Protective Carry CaseYesYes
3D Laser LevelYesYes
Li-Ion BatteryTwoOne
Battery Level Charge Indicator (On Battery)YesNo
Charging Cable (USB)YesYes
Height Adjustable Magnetic/Tripod StandYesYes
Green Target PlateYesNo
Remote ControlNoYes
User ManualYesYes
Price (September 2023)$139.99/£129.99$149.99/£139.99
Lasgoo LG-3D in the supplied carry case
Lasgoo LG-3Ds in the supplied carry case

First Impressions of the LasGoo LG-3D and the LG-3Ds.

Let’s dive right into the heart of these laser levels, the true stars of the show. When you lay your hands on them, the first thing you’ll notice is their remarkable solidity, which makes them a reliable companion even in the rough and tumble world of indoor construction sites. But here’s the interesting part – they’re not just tough on the job; they can hold their own in a home setting, particularly if you’re tackling some light DIY projects.

Now, let’s talk about that radiant green laser beam. Indoors, it’s a real showstopper, casting a brilliantly bright and crystal-clear line that’s hard to miss. Outdoors, however, things get a tad more challenging. The laser’s reach seems to wane under the unforgiving glare of daylight, and as the distances grow, the once-prominent beam can be quite elusive. It’s almost like trying to spot a star in the daytime sky.

The choice of green for these laser levels is no accident – it’s smack in the middle of our visible light spectrum, nestled right between the colours of the rainbow. So, you could say it’s the Goldilocks of laser colours, just the right hue for our eyes to feast on.

Like a lot of the laser levels that are available switching on the laser level is done by a toggle switch that also frees the self-levelling mechanism. This switches on all 3 laser beams and self-levels, if the unit is within 4degrees of level. If it is not within this range the laser beams flash as a warning to you that all is not what it should be. Saving you some major embarrassment at the end of the day. These laser levels can be switched on manually to override the self-levelling flashing alert so that you can match uneven angles if you want to.

When I unboxed the LG-3D, my instinct was to tug on the stand’s knob to extend it, only to have it come off in my hand! Panic not, though, as it effortlessly slots back into place, and all is well. Those knobs are designed to snugly fit on both sides and serve as the key to adjust the stand plate’s height for that perfect leveling. Just remember, though, don’t go yanking the stand out of its case by the knob – it prefers a more delicate touch.

Lasgoo LG-3D and accessories
Lasgoo LG-3Ds and accessories

Which one of these Laser Levels would I buy?

Making a decision in this scenario is no walk in the park. Both laser levels are practically twins when it comes to their core functionalities, leaving me with a perplexing dilemma. It’s akin to choosing between two equally tempting options at a gourmet buffet. But fret not, for the scales will tilt in one direction – and it all boils down to the intriguing accessories that accompany these laser marvels.

Now, let’s delve into the heart of why, ultimately, I’d cast my vote in favour of the LG-3D. And trust me, it’s not just a hunch; there are solid reasons behind this choice.

First and foremost, the LG-3D boasts a rather nifty feature that has saved my bacon more times than I can count, it comes equipped with not one, but two batteries. Picture this – you’re in the groove, making precise measurements and aligning with laser-like precision when suddenly, the battery on your trusty laser level decides to throw in the towel. With the LG-3D, you can seamlessly swap out the drained battery for a fresh one and carry on with your task without skipping a beat. It’s the epitome of uninterrupted workflow, a game-changer for those of us who can’t afford downtime while waiting for a battery to recharge.

Now, let’s talk about that remote control. Sure, it’s a cool gadget to have in your toolbox, but is it an absolute must-have? Not in my book. The remote control truly shines when the laser level is perched in a precarious spot or in an inaccessible nook where even an octopus would struggle to reach. Such situations, however, tend to be the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time, I set the laser level will be comfortably stationed at a convenient working height, rendering the remote control more of a luxury than a necessity.

But here’s where the LG-3D takes another stride ahead over the LG-3Ds. It comes bundled with a handy target plate. This unassuming accessory is a game-changer. Need to set your laser level to a precise height? The target plate is what you need. Want to spot the laser beam from a considerable distance? The target plate is what you need.

The target plate’s magnetic base can be a lifesaver, effortlessly clinging to steel plates and infrastructure, making some tasks quicker and easier than ever. But wait, there’s more – it even features a pull-out plastic stand for non-metallic surfaces or those tricky tasks. In fact, it’s so lightweight that you can even get creative, using a bit of masking tape to secure it under a shelf, ensuring precision and ease in your projects.

So, there you have it – a decision that, at first glance, seemed like a tough nut to crack, but upon closer examination, reveals the LG-3D as the laser level with that extra edge, thanks to its thoughtful inclusion of two batteries and the versatile target plate. It is also the cheaper of the two laser levels available, so is kinder on the wallet. A choice that’s not just about the laser level itself, but the invaluable accessories that come along for the ride.

LasGoo LG-3D
  • High Precision - The laser level emits a bright, clear green laser beam that is visible up to 100 feet away, making it easy to get precise results. Its high visibility and accuracy are explicitly designed for home or office use—safety class II, <1mW power output
  • 3x360°Full Layout Coverage - The LasGoo Laser Level is a 3x360° level designed specifically for any leveling or alignment project. It has one (1) horizontal and two (2) vertical lines and can rotate 360° in all directions, allowing users to cover the entire room and view the laser's position from any angle
  • Two Rechargeable Battery Packs - The LasGoo laser level comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and each battery can support 10 hours of work. With double battery packs, you could focus on your work and make it simple and efficient
  • Self-Leveling & Manual Mode - If the pendulum is unlocked, the laser level will self-level within 4°; by exceeding 4°, the laser will keep flashing. To switch to manual mode, we need to lock the pendulum so you can align from different angles
LasGoo Laser Level Self Leveling 360°x3 Green Cross Line Laser Tool for Construction and Picture Hanging, Remote Controller, Professional Magnetic Rotating Stand, Reachargable Battery Included, LG-3Ds
  • High Accuracy - LG-3Ds laser level is specifically designed for home renovation or construction work use, with its high visibility and accuracy making it easy to obtain precise results. It emits a bright, clear green laser beam that can be seen up to 100 feet away—safety class II, <1mW power output
  • 360°x3 Design & Professional Rotating Stand - LasGoo LG-3Ds Laser Level equiped with professional rotating stand which provides complete layout coverage. This level is suitable for all leveling or alignment projects and can rotate 360° in any direction, enabling users to see the laser's position from any angle and cover the entire room
  • Remote Control & Rechargeable Battery - The alignment task can be made quick and effortless with the remote control feature of the device, and the rechargeable Type-C charging system eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements
  • Manual & Self-leveling Modes - LG-3Ds laser level offers both self-leveling and manual mode. When the pendulum is unlocked, the device can self-level within a 4° range, beyond which the laser will flash continuously. To align from various angles, users can lock the pendulum and switch to manual mode
  • Package Includes - LasGoo LG-3Ds Laser Level, a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, a Portable Bag, a Professional Liftable Rotating Stand, a Type-C cable, and a User Manual. Combined with Amazon's excellent delivery service, we provide 36 months of after-sales service and lifetime technical support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns
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    What do you get with the LasGoo LG-3D and LG-3Ds?

    LasGoo is a company that has recently (2022) joined the laser level manufacturer industry. They have provided me with two of their products for review. These are the LG-3D and the LG-3Ds. This will be the first of the review articles that I will be writing about these laser levels. For this first article I…