What is the best laser level brand

What is the Best Laser Level Brand?

When it comes to laser levels there are numerous different types available. And then there is numerous brands of laser levels. How can anyone know which are the best laser levels when so many have different capabilities and functions.

There are a plethora of brands all vying to be the best in the laser level market.

And then there are lots of websites and blogs telling you that this laser level or that laser level is the best one for you. Most of them giving you a list of the laser levels they will solve all your levelling problems and which one to buy. Along with a short review.

I hope to do something different with this article and share with you what I think are the best laser level brands based on my 20+ years of using them on construction and building sites. And also using them around the home.

What is the Best Laser Level Brand?

I don’t think that there is one best laser level brand out there. There are several. And I bet that is not what you want to hear. Most people want to know that there is just one best brand of laser level (and they want a quick answer). Well there are different types of laser levels, suited to different types of jobs.

What are the different type of laser levels?

There are a few different types of laser levels available and they have different capabilities and features that are ideal for different types of work. Here is a summary of the different types of laser levels as I see them.

  1. Rotating Laser Levels. These laser levels have a single beam that is rotated through 360 degrees, usually from the top of the laser level. Rotating laser levels are usually found on construction sites as they have good accuracy and a long range.
  2. Grade Laser Levels. These are laser levels that are similar to rotating laser levels but the laser beam can be set at a defined grade from horizontal (or vertical). They have the same accuracy and range as rotating laser levels but are more expensive.
  3. Cross Line Laser Levels. These laser levels produce both horizontal and vertical laser lines. These laser lines are continuous so you can see the whole line all of the time. These cross line lasers have a limited range (usually less than 25m). They are generally only good for use internally and very close range.
  4. Spirit levels with lasers. These are normal spirit levels with a laser added to them to project a laser beam onto a far wall or other surface. Whilst these are “laser levels” I do not consider them to be. I do not use them as I don’t find them accurate enough for the work I do and therefore will not comment further on them.

What is the Best Rotating Laser Level Brand?

I think that Topcon are the Best Rotating Laser Level Brand. Closely followed by Leica and then Spectra Precision. The reason I think that Topcon is the best brand is that they have a 5-year guarantee on their laser levels as standard. And this sets them apart from the other brands.

Topcon have been offering a 5-year guarantee on their laser levels since 2007. And this length of guarantee is still unrivalled (as standard) by both Leica and Spectra Precision, at the time of writing.

I think that any rotating laser level by Topcon, Leica or Spectra Precision will serve you well. They all have similar range, accuracy, and features as each other. The current offerings of rotating laser levels that I have based my findings on are the Topcon RL-H5A, the Leica Rugby 620 and the Spectra Precision LL-300.

Over the years of using these laser levels I have only ever come across one Leica Rugby laser level that was not level and still being used. Checking a laser level is something that should be done regularly. Find out what happened with the laser level that was not level.

What is the Best Grade Laser Level Brand?

For me, this is again the Topcon. Grade laser levels are the same as rotating laser levels but with the ability to change the grade of the laser beam. So, it stands to reason that I think that Topcon are the Best Grade Laser Level Brand.

And my reasons are the same as the one for choosing them as the best brand for rotating laser levels. It comes down to the 5-year guarantee that comes with all Topcon laser levels as standard. In fact, one of the first grade laser levels that I ever used was a Topcon way back in the year 2001 at the Temple Mills Train Depot.

More recently I have been checking the accuracy of rotating laser levels. The laser level that I checked was completely random. It was a hired Leica 410 dual grade laser level form SCCS. I checked this grade laser level to see if it was as accurate as claimed. Find out how accurate is a laser level by reading this article on this website.

are laser levels accurate

What is the Best Cross Line Laser Level Brand?

I think that Leica are the best cross line laser level brand. I believe they were the first brand to release a cross line laser many years ago with the original Leica Lino. This cross laser is now on its third or fourth generation and has spawned many other similar devices from lots of other manufacturers.

The main reason for me to consider Leica as the best cross line laser level brand is mainly down to my use of other surveying products over the years. I have a Leica Total Station from 2005, a Leica Disto A5 from 2007 and a Leica Rugby 640 from last year. All of these Leica products I still use today.

I do have two cross line laser levels that are not Leica. These are the Kaiweets KT360a laser level and the Huepar 901CG Laser level. My preference is the Kaiweets laser level as the range and features are better. I mainly use this for home DIY applications.

Checking the level accuracy of the Kaiweets KT-360a


In conclusion to what is the best laser level brand I would have to say it is Topcon. Closely followed by Leica. It’s a tough call and having used many different laser levels over the years I would recommend the Topcon, Leica and Spectra Precision Brands to any construction professional.

For the DIYer or home use, I can understand that the Leica cross line lasers can be too expensive. In this case I would recommend the Kaiweets laser level.

Topcon take the best laser level brand because their 5-year guarantee as standard sets them apart from any other brand. And they also now have the Topcon Laser Manager App.

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