Spectra Precision LL300N Rotating Laser Review.

Spectra Precision LL300N rotating laser level

Spectra Precision LL300N Rotating Laser Level.

If you are looking for a new rotating laser level, then maybe you should consider the Spectra Precision LL300N Rotating Laser Level. I have used Spectra Precision rotating laser levels on several sites and in this review, I will share my experience as well as the specifications of the rotating laser level.

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Is the Spectra Precision LL300N any good?

The short answer is yes. It is just as capable as either the Topcon RL-H5A or the Leica Rugby 620 rotating laser levels. The Spectra Precision LL300N is a fully self-levelling rotating laser level designed to be used outside on construction sites.

What is the accuracy of the Spectra LL300N Rotating Laser Level?

The quoted accuracy of the Spectra Precision LL300N is +/- 2.2mm at 30m distance. In reality, I find most are more accurate than this, especial at distances greater than 30m. With any of the rotating laser levels available today, the main detriment to the accuracy will be due to the user or poor condition of the E-Grad staff or receiver.

What is the best feature of the Spectra LL300N?

One of the stand out features of the Spectra Precision LL300N is its ability to withstand abuse. Spectra Precision are confident that the LL300N can be dropped from a height of 1m onto a concrete floor. This is not a claim that other manufacture’s make. Spectra Precision also claim that the LL300N can survive being pushed over on a tripod at a height of 1.5m.

For me, any rotating laser level that sustains a fall from these heights should be carefully checked and preferably calibrated before being used again. An easy guide for checking the accuracy of a rotating laser level can be found on this website.

Is the Spectra Precision LL300N Site Tough?

The Spectra Precision LL300N has an IP66 rating, which means it protected against dust that may harm the instrument and is also protected from high pressure water jets.  This means the two main issues, dust and rain, that are encountered on constructions sites are covered. If it does get caught out in the rain, just make sure it is dried off before it is put back in the carry case.

The Spectra LL300N has a lower IP rating than the Leica Rugby 620 rotating laser level. If this is something of concern to you then check out the Leica Rugby 620 review on this website.

What is the Warranty with the Spectra Precision LL300N?

The Spectra Precision LL300N comes with a standard 5 year warranty. This is comparable with the Topcon RL-H5A. These are the only two manufactures of rotating laser levels that currently offer a 5 year warranty as standard.

Is there a Rechargeable Battery Pack Available for the Spectra LL300N?

There is a rechargeable battery pack available for the Spectra Precision LL300N. But it is a NiMH rechargeable battery pack. This is not a patch on the Li Ion batteries available for most rotating laser levels. But there is the option of fitting alkaline batteries should the rechargeable batteries run out.

What is the operating range of the Spectra Precision LL300N?

The maximum distance that the Spectra Precision LL300N can operate at is 250m from the rotating laser. This gives a maximum diameter of working of 500m. This is less than the similar Leica Rugby 620 or the Topcon RL-H5A.

What is the best rotating laser level in 2020?

I have compiled a list of the top 5 best rotating laser levels in 2020 and the reasons why I have ranked them in this way. It is available to read on this website at the top 5 best rotating laser levels in 2020.

The Top 5 Best Rotating Laser Levels of 2020
The Top 5 Best Rotating Laser Levels of 2020

What do you get in the Spectra Precision LL300N Rotating Laser Level Kit?

What comprises a rotating laser level kit varies between retailers. But, what should you expect to get as part of the Spectra Precision LL300N rotating laser level kit? As a bare minimum you should get the Spectra Precision LL300N rotating laser, the carry case and a laser detector with clamp. I would also expect to have an aluminium tripod and an E-Grad Staff in a rotating laser level kit.

What price should you pay for the Spectra Precision LL300N?

This depends on the retailer, but one of the best ways to know the price you should be paying currently is to check out the Spectra Precision LL300N on the Amazon website. At the time of writing prices are around £580+VAT for a complete kit. This is cheaper than the comparable Leica or Topcon rotating laser levels and this reflects the fact that the working range and accuracy are lower.

Where should you buy the Spectra Precision LL300N?

You should only buy the Spectra Precision LL300N from a source you trust. A google search will show places to buy the Spectra Precision LL300N but I would recommend that you check out the ones on the Amazon website. This link to the Amazon website will take you straight to the Spectra Precision LL300N. The image below will also take you to the Amazon website.

The Spectra Precision is a decent rotating laser level. It is cheaper than the Leica and the Topcon rivals and this is due to the lesser working range and accuracy. But the Spectra Precision LL300N is claimed to be tougher than its rivals. This may be true and if it is something that is important to you then this could well be the rotating laser level for you.

There is not much information available on the Spectra Precision website. you have to request information on their products from them. Link to the Spectra Precision website.

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