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Best Theodolites 2022

Best Theodolites to Buy in 2022

Theodolites are optical instruments for measuring horizontal and vertical angles in the construction industry. It is a valuable tool that can provide accurate angular measurements of any given site.

GeoMax Zone 20H

GeoMax Zone 20H Review

GeoMax Zone 20H Rotating Laser Review. One of the latest rotating laser levels to hit the market is the GeoMax Zone 20H. GeoMax is a new brand in laser level products but is part of the Hexagon Group which also has the Leica brand in its fold. GeoMax states that they are trying to provide …

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Survey Equipment Insurance

Survey Equipment Insurance

Can you get Survey Equipment Insurance? Yes, you can. But finding the right type of survey equipment insurance for your survey equipment can be difficult. You need insurance cover that covers you for whatever might happen to your surveying equipment when either in use or not in use. I do not sell insurance for surveying …

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Leica NA320 dumpy level review, leica na300 series of automatic levels, leica NA320

Leica NA320 Automatic Dumpy Level Review

Thinking of buying a new dumpy level? Not sure which one will serve you best? Well, you could do a lot worse than buying the Leica NA320 Level. Or any of the Leica NA300 Series of dumpy levels.