Top 5 Best Dumpy Level to buy of 2020 for under £200

Leica NA324

What is the best dumpy level to buy in 2020 for under £200.00?

This is my list of the top 5 best automatic (dumpy) levels for 2020 that are currently available for under £200.  This is a very difficult list to put together.  Paying under £200 for a precision piece of equipment can be a risky thing to do.  All the automatic (dumpy) levels listed here are basic levels that are accurate over a range of about 30m.  They are good bits of kit for Self Builds and small construction projects.  But, if you are a site engineer or a surveyor, then you would be well served by investing in a more expensive automatic (dumpy) level.

The best 5 automatic (dumpy) levels for under £200 are

1.) Leica NA324

2.) Bosch GOL 20 D

3.) Stabila OLS 26

4.) Silverline 20X

5.) Huepar AL-32X

What are the selection criteria for being selected as the best automatic (dumpy) levels for under £200?

Well, the first criteria that these dumpy levels have, is that they must be available for under £200 Including VAT at the time of publishing this article.  They should have a magnification of at least 20x and have an automatic compensator.  They will also be one of the easiest and simplest of automatic (dumpy) levels to use. 

Why did I rank them in this order?

In first place.

1.) Leica NA324

The surprise on this list is the Leica NA324 and would be the one that I would buy and recommend for anyone buying their first automatic (dumpy) level.  Why am I surprised that it is on the list?  Well it is priced under £200.  The Leica NA324 is a very capable automatic (dumpy) level with a magnification of 24x, and certainly feels like an automatic (dumpy) level that is worth more than £200.  The Leica NA324 is a very robust level that can cope with arduous conditions for a number of years.

what is the best dumpy level to buy
The Leica NA324 available for under £200.

The Leica NA324 would also be on my list for automatic (dumpy) levels for engineers looking for their first level, it’s that good for this price range.  I would also consider the Leica NA320 automatic (dumpy) level with the 20x magnification.

In Second Place.

2.) Bosch GOL 26 D

The Bosch GOL 26 D automatic (dumpy) level comes in at second place.  It has a greater magnification at 26x than the Leica NA324, but I just don’t think it will last as long as the Leica.  It does have a compensator lock for safe transport, however this could lead to levelling issues if it is not taken off prior to doing any levelling work. 

Getting the Bosch GOL 26 D level is just as easy as levelling the Leica NA324 thanks to the eye level penta prism for viewing the circular vial on the body of the level.  The Bosch GOL 26 D is still a very capable level.

In Third Place.

3.) Stabila OLS 26

The Stabila OLS 26 automatic (dumpy) level is in third place.  It has the same magnification as the Bosch GOL 26 D.  But, it is in third place because it is more expensive at the time of writing.  There is really nothing to separate the Stabila from the Bosch Level apart from the price and the Stabila is still a good dependable automatic (dumpy) level and would serve you well.

In Fourth Place.

4.) Silverline 20X

The Silverline 20X is in fourth place.  It is a very old design of level but is very cheap at under £100 at the time of writing.  At this price the Silverline 20X is a real budget automatic (dumpy) level.  While it works well, this is the type of level that would be suited to somewhere that if it got damaged it wouldn’t matter.  And that is the great thing about this level, it will do its job and you could have 2 for the price of the Leica NA324.

In Fifth Place.

5.) Huepar AL-32X

The Huepar AL-32X is like the Bosch GOL 26 D, it’s quite easy to see.  It has the same body as the Bosch GOL 26 D and a greater magnification yet it about half the price.  With a price of under £100 this automatic (dumpy) level is another level that wouldn’t matter if it got damaged on site.  Again, at this price level you can afford to buy a spare Huepar AL-32X just in case.  In fact, at this price it may well be a good idea to have one on the shelf just in case.

The Top 5 Best Automatic (Dumpy) Levels for under £200 Including VAT.  The Surprise of the list is the Leica NA324 and I think this represents superb value at this price.  The Leica NA3XX series of levels are robust and well made and would serve any site well and would be my choice from this list over all the others.

The thing to remember is that with any automatic (dumpy) level that is under £100 is any repair work needed to them is going to be more than the level is worth.  And as calibration costs keep increasing the cost of this will soon outstrip the cost of the level.

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