Broken Leica Total Station

Survey Equipment Insurance

All Risk Insurance for Surveying Equipment.

So, you have bought your new surveying equipment and are out on site when the unimaginable happens. Did you have your survey equipment insured for any eventuality in any location?

Finding the right insurance for surveying equipment can be very difficult, the equipment is expensive and is used in all conditions and locations. Insurance is one of those things that you don’t need until things go wrong, but once they do you need them to get you back working quickly and with minimal hassle.

I have been hiring or owned Robotic Total Stations and GPS Surveying Equipment since 2004 and have always had them insured with HLI Registered Insurance Brokers ( HLI provide an all risk insurance for surveying equipment which covers your instruments away from the office.


Broken Leica Total Station

As I have said before, insurance is one of those things that you don’t need until things go wrong. And, I have had things go wrong a couple of times that required the services of HLI Registered Insurance Brokers. Both times have been due to accidental damage, not all my fault I hasten to add, but these things do happen. In both cases HLI Registered Insurance Brokers dealt with the claims efficiently and proactively.

I can recommend HLI Registered Insurance Brokers and can’t think that I will be going anywhere else as when things go wrong you need to trust the people you are dealing with and insurance that works for you.