Survey Equipment Accessories you need, but didn’t know about

On this page I shall be detailing pieces of survey equipment accessories you need, but didn’t know about.

All the items of equipment put on this page should make your working life easier. I shall be updating this page all the time with new products as I find them.

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Leica A4 Target Plate

If you do ever struggle with measuring distances with any laser tape measure, I would suggest getting a target plate or a kodak grey card. The target plate or the kodak grey card will enable maximum distance measurements as it is the ideal reflective surface. I went for the Leica A4 Target Plate like this one on I found on amazon. I find it is better for the longer distances than the smaller, cheaper options like these ones that are on amazon.

These cards are especially useful in the lighter conditions outdoors. As they have different coloured sides, they can help with targeting over larger distances too as they reflect the laser beam better. Another option for spotting the laser beam is to get a pair of red tinted glasses like these ones. Check out the latest prices for red tinted glasses on amazon here.

Bosch Professional 240cm Cut and Fill Rod for Bosch Rotary Lasers.

This cut and fill rod is for use with the Bosch Rotating laser levels. It is different to the normal E-Grad staff that is usually used with the laser detectors for rotating laser levels.

Bosch Professional 240cm Cut and Fill Rod for Bosch Rotary Lasers is more adjustable for taking levels that are above or below the desired level. It is not ideal for heavy construction sites but would be ideally suited to building developments for checking walls and floors for level.

Bosch Professional 240cm Cut and Fill Rod for Bosch Rotary Lasers

3 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure.

This digital laser tape measure is a very handy tool to have as it can measure in 3 different and unique ways. The 3 ways you can measure with this tape measure are:

String Mode: Wrap a string around the object you want to measure the circumference of.

Roller Mode: Measure the length of irregular shapes with the roller mode. Very handy for internal curved structures or walls.

Laser Mode: Measure straight distances just like a normal tape measure.

It has a large back-lit LCD Screen for reading the measurements you are taking. The Measure King takes four AAA batteries which aren’t supplied with the tape measure which is a shame. Make sure that you order batteries at the same time.

If you are looking for a more accurate laser tape measure that can measure longer distances then check out the article on this website, guide to laser tape measures.

Laser Level Mounting Pole 3.6m Floor to Ceiling Support & Bracket

This mounting pole for laser levels comes with five sections to provide an adjustable mounting height for most construction laser levels. The mounting pole can be fitted anywhere that there is a secure footing and ceiling up to 3.6m in height. Just secure the pole between the floor and the ceiling using the adjustable feet and set the laser level clamp to the desired height. It comes with a 5/8 adapter common to most laser levels and other survey equipment. There is also an option that comes with a tripod for those areas that don’t have a ceiling.

Laser level mounting pole. survey equipment accessories
Laser Level Mounting Pole

Check out the latest price for this mounting pole on Amazon.

Large Bullseye Bubble Spirit Level.

This large bullseye bubble spirit level is ideal for checking dual axis levels quickly. This one is handy for surveyors and engineers as it is big enough to span across the hole of the tripod head. This is very handy for ensuring that the tripod is level before setting up rotating laser levels, especially when checking them for accuracy.

Large Bullseye Bubble Spirit Level
Large Bullseye Bubble Spirit Level

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