Top 5 Best Rotating Laser Levels of 2021

Topcon RL-H5A rotating laser level review

Rotating laser levels are the main stay of many construction sites. Providing levels all around the site.

With so many rotating laser levels to choose from these days it can be difficult to know which one to choose. 

My Best 5 Rotating Laser Levels of 2021.

This is my top 5 rotating laser levels of 2021 for general site construction use.  I have been using rotating laser levels on construction sites for well over 15 years and so my list of the best rotating laser levels is based on my experience using them.


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The 5 Best Rotating Laser Levels Ranked.

  1. Topcon RL-H5A
  2. Leica Rugby 610
  3. Spectra Physics LL300S
  4. Bosch GRL 500 HV
  5. Fukuda FRE-205

What are the selection criteria for these Rotating Laser Levels?

For any of the rotating laser levels to be selected for inclusion on this best rotating laser level list they must have certain attributes.  For this list I am looking at rotating laser levels that will be used outside on large construction sites and for multiple levelling tasks like digging and placing concrete footings and floor slabs.

When doing these types of tasks, we need a rotating laser level that has a long working range, good accuracy and is robust. 

  • Be able to work outside.
  • Have a working over 200m (100m Radius).
  • Have a guarantee of 2 or more years.
  • Have a rechargeable battery option.
  • Be able to continue working in the rain.
  • Be available for purchase for less than £1000 Including VAT.

Why did I rank the rotating laser levels this way?

The way I have ranked these rotating laser levels is the order that I would choose if money was not a consideration. Having used a lot of rotating laser levels over the years I have always found the Topcon, Leica and Spectra Precision to be the best.

In First Place.

Topcon RL-H5A.

The Topcon RLH5A Rotating Laser

Top spot on my list of the 5 best rotating laser levels of 2020 is the Topcon RL-H5A.  The Topcon range of best rotating laser levels have been one of the best laser levels for more than ten years.  The Topcon RL-H3C (back in 2007) was the first rotating laser level to have a 5 year guarantee and it was a very capable rotating laser level too.

The Topcon RL-H5A is a very capable rotating laser level and deserves top spot in my list of the top 5 best rotating laser levels of 2020.  The Topcon RL-H5A has a working range of 800m diameter, with an accuracy of 5mm at 200m and will last 120Hrs on a single charge.

You can read a full review of the Topcon RL-H5A on this website, Topcon RL-H5A review.

In Second Place.

Leica Rugby 610.

Leica Rugby 620
The Leica Rugby 620 Rotating Laser Level. Similar to the Leica Rugby 610.

The Leica Rugby 610 is in second place.  In my opinion it is narrowly beaten by the Topcon RL-H5A due to it’s longer battery life.  The Leica Rugby 610 is a very capable rotating laser level also.  It has a working range of 500m diameter, with a quoted accuracy of 2.2mm at 30m but will only last 60Hrs on a single charge.  A note on the quoted accuracy, while the literature quotes an accuracy at 30m, I have found that the Leica rotating laser levels are just as accurate at distances of 100m from the unit.

Leica Rugby 620 Rotating Laser Level

In Third Place.

Spectra Precision LL300S.

The Spectra Precision LL300S is in third place.  While it is a good rotating laser level and just as capable as the Topcon RL-H5A and the Leica Rugby 610 it is a bulky rotating laser level.  And it is the bulkiness of not only the laser level itself but also the large box that means for me it can be no higher than third in this list.  The Spectra Precision LL300S has a working range of 800m diameter, with an accuracy of 1.5mm at 30m and battery life of 60Hrs.  Again I would note that I find these rotating laser levels are just as accurate as the Topcon RL-H5A and the Leica Rugby 610 at distances of 100m from the unit in real world situations.

In Fourth Place.

Bosch GRL 500 HV.

The Bosch GRL 500 HV is a capable rotating laser level with a working range of 500m Diameter, accuracy is quoted as 0.05mm/m and battery life of just 25Hrs.  It is the battery life that is disappointing on this rotating laser level as it needs charging virtually every day. Most laser levels are set up in a morning and run for about 9 or 10Hrs continuously and with only 25Hrs battery life this can leave you without a rotating laser level early in a day.

In Fifth Place.

Fukuda FRE-205.

The Fukuda FRE-205 is in fifth place.  It has a working range of 500m diameter with an accuracy of 6mm at 30m and battery life of 25Hrs.  This is a budget rotating laser level, but it does come with a 3year warranty.  This rotating laser level is behind the Bosch GRL 500 HV due to it being less accurate.

In conclusion.

Either of the top two rotating laser levels in this list would be a good purchase.  There is very little real world difference between the Topcon RL-H5A and the Leica Rugby 610 and either rotating laser level would be a good purchase.  The decision on which to go for should be based on your manufacturer preference and ease of purchase and ongoing servicing and calibration.

This list is my preference order for these rotating laser levels.  If I had to spend my money to either buy or hire one of these rotating laser levels, then I would start in first place and work my way down the list.  I know that there are other rotating laser levels on the market and the reason that they are not on this list is either they don’t fulfill the criteria set out or I have no experience with them.

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