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The Best Laser Levels for Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for a new laser level to use outdoors, then you want them to be site tough. You want to know that they can handle being outside in all weathers, and all conditions. You will also want to decide on whether a green or a red laser beam is better for you. In this article I will be giving you the knowledge of my on site experience using laser levels for years.

There are three brands that stand out from the rest. Leica is one of the most respected companies in outdoor laser levels and their products come with a lifetime warranty against water damage, dust and extreme temperature fluctuations. Topcon has been around since 1948 and they produce some of the best laser levels on the market today. Topcon also offer a 5 year guarantee as standard on all laser levels. Spectra Precision is another company that produces high-quality site tough lasers.

Outdoor laser levels are a must have for any construction worker who is looking to get the job done right. Not only do they make your work more accurate, but they also can help you save time and money by making sure that everything is in the right spot. With so many different models on the market today, it can be hard to know which one would be best for you. Below I have listed three of the top outdoor laser levels available today. Ones that I have used out on site for years. (This will include their previous models too).

  • Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level.
  • Topcon RL-H5A Laser Level.
  • Spectra Precision LL300S Laser Level.

Reviews of Laser Levels on this website.

Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level.

Topcon RL-H5A Laser Level.

Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Level.


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Can laser levels be used outside?

Laser levels can be used outside. They need to be site tough and able to withstand dust or water. To know how well a laser level can withstand dust and water, each model is given an IP rating (IP stands for Ingress Protection).

Check the IP Rating for the laser level.

The IP rating for any instrument is given as IPxx, where xx is a number. The first number is related to dust and the second number relates to water. The higher the overall number the better the protection.

For any laser level that is to be used outside, it should have a minimum IP54 Rating. If it has a higher rating then all the better.

The IP54 rating means that:

The laser level has some protection from dust (this is the 5 in the IP rating) and can withstand water splashes from various directions (this is the 4 in the IP rating).

The IP rating of the laser level should give you an indication of how site tough the instrument will be. The Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level has been designed from the ground up to be site tough and can withstand dust, dirt and water without any trouble. It is important for outdoor work that your laser levels are durable because they will encounter more elements than those used indoors would typically come across.

Can you use a laser level in the rain?

Yes, any laser level with an IPx4 and higher can be used in the rain. (IP stands for Ingress Protection). IPx4 and higher means that the laser level can withstand sprays of water for 3 minutes with limited ingress.

If you do have to use a laser level in the rain, do not put it away in the box wet. This will allow moisture to penetrate into the laser level and start to corrode it from the inside. Always use the carry case for transporting the laser level even if it is wet. At the first opportunity, open the case and dry the laser level off.

Drying laser levels (or any Survey Equipment) must be done thoroughly before storing away in its carry case or box. I usually wipe most of the rain water off the laser level first and then place it somewhere with good air circulation. On a table with an office fan on it or next to the computer fan. The computer fan generates warm air that helps with the drying.

Which is better red or green laser level for Outdoor Use?

It is easier to see the green laser beam than the red. Both have the same accuracy but will require specific receivers for longer sighting distances. The green laser beam usually consumes more power, hence battery life is compromised.

Seeing either of these laser beams (red or green) is easiest when light levels are low. But then working in the dark is even harder!!! Working outside in daylight these laser beams can be hard to see. It gets harder the further you are away from the laser level.

Can you see green laser level in daylight?

It is easier to see the green laser beam outside (in daylight) than the red one. This is because our eyes are more sensitive to the green part of light spectrum, and not as much towards something like a reddish tone.

Assuming that your vision isn’t impaired with colour blindness or anything similar, it is on plainer surfaces how visible this type of technology can be when outdoors rather than inside where there might be less natural lighting coming from other sources such as windows or lamps.

How can I see a laser level outside?

It is easier to see the green laser beam outside in daylight. This is because our eyes can sense green light better than red. But we can also improve our vision of the green and red laser beams with the use of some special glasses.

By wearing these coloured glasses, the red or green tones of the laser beam can be magnified. The glasses only let the green or red wavelengths of light pass through which means that they are easier to see.

But the main factor that will determine how easy it is to see a laser beam outside is the amount of daylight at the time. It will be easier to see the laser beam on a cloudy day than a bright sunny day.

One of the tricks I use to see the laser beam is to cast my shadow on the area where I want see the laser beam. I will also use a reflective surface to help spot the laser beam, like the reflective bands on a Hi-Viz jacket.

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If you’re looking for a laser level that can be used outside, then the IP ratings of your tool are an important consideration. You want to make sure it has at least an IP54 rating so it can withstand getting wet and is still visible in direct sunlight. There are also green lasers that have some advantages over red ones like being able to see them better when wearing special glasses with UV protection or sunglasses. Other features you might consider include ruggedness, visibility in dark settings and size/weight considerations if you need to carry the device around often. Don’t forget about warranty information!

A green laser may or may not make the beam easier to see in certain lighting conditions–it all depends on how clear your vision is without glasses. If you wear prescription lenses or take special eye care steps regularly like wearing sunglasses indoors with UV protection, then you will need a pair of specially made goggles called “Laser Safety Glasses.” These glasses enhance the ability to see what lasers emit by filtering out other light sources such as the blue wavelength of light. Laser Safety Glasses are made of polycarbonate and can be worn with prescription glasses without any interference to your vision.

We’re here for all your outdoor laser levelling needs- just get online today and find the best one before someone else does!

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