Using Network RTK Systems.

Topcon Hiper Network RoverNetwork RTK solutions for use with GPS Surveying Equipment in Britain have been around since Leica launched their Spider Net back in 2006. Since then Trimble (VRS System) and most recently Topcon with their Topcon TopNET service have entered the market of Network RTK Systems.

The main advantage of the using the Network RTK systems is the amount of time saving that can be achieved. There is no need to set up a base station (potentially leaving it vulnerable too) and the co-ordinates are to OS Co-ordinates too.

Getting the Best Results.

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Topcon GRS-1 Review.

The Topcon GRS-1 has been on the market for a couple of years now. I have in the past been using the Topcon Hiper GPS System, but for a job on the M42 there was a need for surveying to OS Grid co-ordinate system.

The purchase price for a new Topcon GRS-1 is £9995.00+VAT and this includes your first year's subscription to the TopNET correction service.

First Impressions.

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Topcon DL-500 Series Digital Levels.


Topcon have released their new DL-500 Series Digital Levels. And it's packed with new features and programmes.


The new DL-500 series Digital Levels have "wave and read" technology, a world's first. This technology allows the staff to be rocked back and forth by the chainman and the Topcon DL-500 will automatically read the lowest value. Thus eliminating errors in reading waved staffs.


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Topcon’s X-TRAC 7 Technology Advances Robotic System Performance.

Topcon has released a Software and Firmware upgrade to their GTS-900, GPT-9000, and Imaging Stations X-TRAC 7 is an advancement that provides them with the latest and most reliable tracking technology available.

Improved Prism Tracking. The new X-TRAC 7 prism-tracking strength and allowable prism movement speed is increased. X-TRAC 7 uses a tracking beam sequence that keeps the instrument cross hairs focused on the moving prism pole. In

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