when precision falls short

When Precision Falls Short: The Quest for a Properly Calibrated Automatic Level

Paul has recently bought a new automatic level, a Leica NA332. Paul is an Architect and a person that likes learning by doing. Being diligent the first thing Paul did with his Leica NA332 was to check Its accuracy by performing a two-peg test. And this is where his problems started.

And this is when I received an email from Paul, who resides in Texas, seeking assistance.

Precision Predicament

The Precision Predicament

In the heart of a bustling metropolis, a monumental construction project was underway. A majestic skyscraper was gradually taking shape, a symbol of human ambition and architectural marvel. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the site was Ethan Evergreen, a meticulous civil engineer with an eye for precision. Ethan possessed an uncanny ability to spot …

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How to Calculate Road Offset Profiles

When constructing a new, or even an existing road we need to be able to translate design information into practical information that can be used throughout the road construction process.