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Purpose of Laser Tape Measures

Purpose and Importance of Laser Tape Measures

The purpose of the laser tape measure is to accurately measure linear distances. Being able to measure accurately has many benefits in both our personal and working life. We need to be able to communicate with each other about linear distances and understand what the distances are.

Securing Survey Equipment Header

Securing Surveying Equipment

Nothing can describe that gut wrenching, sinking feeling you get when you see someone running off with your expensive surveying equipment. And you are to far away to be able to do anything other than watch

Measuring Elevations with Laser Levels

How to Measure Elevation with a Laser Level

If you want to know how to measure elevation with a laser level, then you have come to the right place. I will share with you how to use laser levels for measuring elevations using over 20 years of experience at levelling with either auto (dumpy) levels or laser levels.