Topcon RL-H3C

Topcon RL-H3C Review

Topcon RL-H3C Rotating Laser Review.

Topcon have a reputation for providing top quality, professional construction devices and surveying equipment at affordable prices. The Topcon RL-H3C entry level rotating laser is an excellent choice if you want to start to use one of Topcon’s construction lasers on you latest project, either at work or at home, but have to remain on a budget.

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This cheap rotating laser level comes with many features that other, more expensive construction laser have as standard. The Topcon RL-H3C has a range of up to 300m, has a automatic shut off system if the device is knocked or dislodged. The Topcon RL-H3C can run for up to 60 hours on standard C-Cell batteries, that is over a full weeks work on most sites, and that is almost 3 times as much as many of the other professional rotating lasers on the market. Go for the Rechargeable Battery Pack option to save on the cost of buying standard C-Cell batteries. And should the rechargeable batteries run out during the working day you can simple swap over to normal C-Cell batteries and you can carry on working.

The Topcon LS-80b receiver is lightweight, has a clear easy to read display and audible warning system too. Unlike most other detectors, the Topcon LS-80b has a levelling bubble on the clamp and this ensures maximum accuracy whilst carrying out your construction project.

5 Year Topcon GuaranteeThe Topcon RL-H3C rotating laser also comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard. In fact the 5 year guarantee is standard on all of Topcon’s Laser Products. We know of no other manufacturer that offers this length of guarantee at this current time. 

The Topcon RL-H3C is the first rotating laser level to have a 5 year guarantee. This is testament to the quality that Topcon have achieved in producing their rotating laser levels.

If you are looking for a cheap rotating laser that does not skimp on the features or capabilities and still offer high end accuracy, you need look no further than the Topcon RL-H3C.

Update May 2019.

The Topcon RL-H3C has been replaced by the Topcon RL-H4C, which has in turn been superseded by the Topcon RL-H5A. Find out more about these rotating laser levels on this site by visiting the Topcon RL-H4C page or the Topcon RL-H5A page.

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