Leica TS16 Telescope

Tracking Total Stations with Leica LOC8.

Can a Total Station be tracked when it is stolen?

It is now possible to track stolen Leica Total Stations with the Leica LOC8 tool.

Leica Launches LOC8 Service on their Total Stations.

What is Leica LOC8?

Leica LOC8 is a tracking and fleet management tool offered by Leica on their latest Total Stations.  It is essentially a tracking device for the total station. The Leica Total Station can provide updates of its position as frequently as once a minute, allowing the owner to know where their instrument is in the country.

How precise is the location with the Leica LOC8?

With the Leica LOC8 the total station can be located both indoors and outdoors.  Positioning accuracy is within 50m with AGPS, but this can be greatly reduced down to 15m with the use of WLAN.  It can be further reduced down to less than 5m with the use of GPS.  You also have the ability to have position updates every minute.

What else can I do with the Leica LOC8 Feature?

With the Leica LOC8 you have the ability to lock the total station at the click of a button from a mobile or a computer.  This works by the total station relying on establishing a connection with the Leica LOC8 component, so this works even if the total station is not powered on at the time.  Unlocking the device can be done in the same way, avoiding the need to visit your local survey equipment specialist.

Total Station, Leica TS16 with Leica LOC8
Find this Leica TS16 with the Leica LOC8 System.

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What is the Geo Fence Feature on the Leica LOC8?

The Geo Fence is an invisible boundary that you can specify for the total station.  If the total station is taken past this boundary then the LOC8 feature alerts you that the total station is being taken somewhere it is not supposed to go.  The alerts are sent via a push notification and/or email.  For example, a Geo Fence could be set up around the boundary of your site and you would get an alert if the total station was taken outside of the works boundary at any point.  The Leica LOC8 system can also be used as a fleet management tool.

Will the Leica LOC8 system deter thefts of Total Stations?

The Leica LOC8 system should deter thefts of total stations.  There has been a recent increase in the thefts of total stations and surveying equipment which has led to a rise in the cost of insuring surveying equipment.

A recent example of how the Leica LOC8 system is combating the theft of total stations can be seen when a Leica TS16 Total Station on hire to PLP Construction from M&P Survey Equipment was stolen from a site in Manchester.  As the TS16 had been fitted with the Leica LOC8 system, the TS16 Total Station could be tracked continuously during the following hours allowing the police to track it to an address in Lancashire that evening.  The full story can be read here.

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