Rotating Laser Level

Topcon RL-H5B Rotating Laser.

The New Topcon RL-H5B Rotating Laser.

Topcon have recently released the RL-H5A rotating laser and RL-H5B rotating laser.  These rotating lasers are the replacement for the Topcon RL-H4C rotating laser, which has been around since mid-2013.

Topcon describe the RL-H5B as being an easy to use, long range and high accuracy rotating laser.  With very few buttons on the front of the Topcon RL-H5B it has to be straight forward to setup and use, ideal for most construction sites and people to use quickly and get work started.

Ease of Use.

Setting up the Topcon RL-H5B is easy.  Just setup your stand or survey tripod relatively level (within 5 degrees of horizontal) and put the Topcon RL-H5B rotating laser on securely and switch on.  The electronic self levelling motors will automatically level up the rotating laser for you.  These self levelling motors will set the laser within 20 arc seconds of the horizontal plane.  An arc second is unit of angular measurement.  In the real world at 200m away from the Topcon RL-H5B you would could expect the laser (receiver) to be between 10mm either above or below the level of the Topcon RL-H5B rotating laser.

The Topcon RL-H5B has a working range of up to 200m from the rotating laser.  This gives a working range of up to 400m, or can cover an area of over 125,000m².  This would be large enough to cover the majority of construction sites.

Rotating Laser Level
Topcon RL-H5B Rotating Laser Level

Construction Site Tough.

The Topcon RL-H5B has a IP66 rating, which means it protected against dust that may harm the instrument and is protected from low pressure water jets.  It also has long battery life with alkaline (4) D-Cell batteries lasting up to 100 hours of continuous use, or about 2 weeks on site used all day, every day.  Opt for the rechargeable battery pack and the Topcon RL-H5B will last up to 60 hours of continuous use between recharges.

With the Topcon LS-80A receiver included with the RL-H5B rotating laser allows a single user to quickly and accurately complete any construction site job.  They will also receive height alerts and battery status from the rotating laser on the Topcon LS-80A receiver.  Two modes of accuracy are available depending upon the type of work being undertaken with 5 levels of precision being indicated on the LS-80A receiver.

Prices are likely to be around from £550+VAT and expect that not to include a survey tripod and staff.  Contact your preferred survey equipment supplier for more information or to purchase.