Topcon LS-100D receiver for the Topcon RL-H5A rotating laser level. Topcon RL-H5A rotating laser level review.

Topcon LS-100D Rotating Laser Receiver

Is there a better receiver for rotating lasers?

The Topcon rotating lasers all come with the Topcon LS-80A receiver as standard.  The Topcon LS-80A receiver is a great receiver for use with rotating lasers, but Topcon also produces a more advanced receiver, the Topcon LS-100D. 

Topcon describe the LS-100D receiver as versatile and designed for maximum user convenience.  And this is true.  It is much more capable than the standard issue Topcon LS-80A receiver.

The Topcon LS-100D receiver is slightly bigger than the LS-80D and that enables it to have a larger operating window and also incorporate a strong magnet mount.  Using the Topcon LS-100D will enable you to use the full working range of your rotating laser, currently around 800m diameter.  The LS-100D also has a larger vertical detecting range of 90mm.  The receiver will detect the rotating laser beam from 30mm below to 60mm above the set receiver height.

The LS-100D receiver also has a digital readout indicating how far above or below the rotating laser beam the receiver is.  This only works when the receiver is within 50mm below and 20mm above the rotating laser beam.

Audible warnings (Loud, Quiet and Off) are given out by the receiver along with a 9 channel grade indicator on the LCD screen.  The Topcon LS-100D also LED grade indicators showing Red, Orange and Green.  This is especially handy when a visual communication to a machine driver is the easiest method of communication.  And with the LCD screen on the back, the rod man can stand behind the Topcon LS-100D detector.

Topcon LS-100D

As with the Topcon LS-80A, the LS-100D has the Low Battery Alert and the HI Alert for when the rotating laser has been knocked, or is no longer level.  The LS-100D will last for up to 45 hour on one single AA alkaline battery, this is about the same time as the rotating laser will last on a single charge.  This is enough for a full week of work on most construction sites.

Are the Rotating Laser Detectors Waterproof?

The Topcon LS-100D has a IP67 rating, which means it protected against dust that may harm the instrument and is protected from strong water jets and waves.

Can a Rotating Laser Receiver be used on Excavator Machines?

Having the magnet mounts within the receiver allows for much greater versatility with using the receiver.  It would be very easy to use this the LS-100D for marking (1m A.F.L.) 1m above finished floor levels on steel columns for example.  It can also be attached to the dipper arm of an excavator to provide levels to the driver.  It won’t attach to the aluminium E-Grad Staff, for this you would need the included holder and clamp.

With the ability to select either a fine or coarse accuracy the LS-100D is versatile enough to be used for levelling operations or grading operations.  The LS-100D detector also incorporates a hold button.  This function allows the operator to freeze the display.  A very handy feature when needing to record results during a levelling survey.

How much should I pay for the Topcon LS-100D?

Expect to pay around £250+VAT for a new Topcon LS-100D Rotating Laser Detector from leading survey equipment suppliers in the UK.