Topcon AT-B3

How do you check a dumpy level?

How do you check a dumpy level?

A dumpy level is checked for accuracy by carrying out a two peg test.  Here is a straight forward, easy to follow guide on how to perform a two peg test on a dumpy level.  This is straight forward and can be done on any site by any competent surveyor or engineer.  This two peg test is for use on any dumpy level like the Topcon AT-B4A. 

Get your dumpy level calibrated.

If, having checked your dumpy level and you find that it is not giving the accuracy required then you should get it calibrated.  Your local preferred survey supplies specialist will offer to service, adjust and calibrate your dumpy level.  This will be more cost effective than continuing to work with a dumpy level giving out poor inaccurate levels.