TopSurv Version Updates

During November 2009 Topcon released the latest version of their TopSURV field controller software, TopSURV 7.3. Most users will only notice the changes within the menu system but there have been a substantial improvements hidden away that improve the tracking of prisms and satellites.


Caution: With the upgrade to TopSurv 7.3 it may well be necessary to update the firmware on your controller unit. It is advisable to have your current version of TopSURV so that you can roll back to that if necessary. It is also advisable to have your firmware updated by your dealer, as any mistakes during the installation process will render the unit unusable and will have to be returned to your dealer.

Key Update Points from TopSURV 7.2 to TopSURV 7.3.

New Features:-

  • Back Up Utility. Within the Configure Menu it is now possible to set the back up parameters for the TopSurv job data.
  • New Job Configuration. Within the Configure Menu there is now a choice for setting standard import factors into New Jobs. These allow you to set whether localizations and global code library are imported into New Jobs.
  • Find Station Within the Survey Menu there is a new Find Station utility.
  • Stake Slope Within the Stake Menu there is a new Slope feature.

The latest current version of TopSurv is TopSurv 7.3 and is suitable for the FC-100, FC-200 and the FC-2000 Controllers. Note: TopSurv 7.3 is not suitable for the FC-2500 Controller, users of the FC-2500 controllers should use TopSurv 7.2.

PC Versions of the TopSurv Software is also available.