TopSurv Version 7.5

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Topcon will soon release to the UK Market the latest version of their TopSURV field controller software, TopSURV 7.5.

Key Update Points from TopSURV 7.3 to TopSURV 7.5.

New Features:-

  • Angles will now be formatted as ddd° mm’ ss.ssss when using DMS.
  • Point Numbers in the Map View have been moved closer to the point.
  • Security codes for Levels and Total Stations have been changed from TS to Optical.
  • Negative Numbers are now supported (Negative Chainage -1+000, -1+100…, -2+000…).
  • Feature Code options have there own icon within the Configure Menu.
  • The same description can now be added to Multiple Codes.
  • Tree Symbol has now been added to the Map View.
  • Co-ordinate Systems have been updated. Additions for Eastern European Systems and deletion of the UKO-M25 projection.
  • Added Support for the FC-250 Controller.
  • Improvements to the Optical (Total Station) Angle Sets.
  • Improvements to the GPS Systems.
  • Extra Import/Export Support for Sokkia Instruments and Roads Package.
  • Extra Functionality has been added for Staking Slopes within the Roads Package.

TopSURV 7.5 is currently only available for download from the Topcon Positioning Website.

PC Versions of the TopSurv 7.3 Software are also available.