Topcon X-trac 7 Technology

Topcon’s X-TRAC 7 Technology Advances Robotic System Performance.

Topcon Prism and RC-4Topcon has released a Software and Firmware upgrade to their GTS-900, GPT-9000, and Imaging Stations X-TRAC 7 is an advancement that provides them with the latest and most reliable tracking technology available.

Improved Prism Tracking. The new X-TRAC 7 prism-tracking strength and allowable prism movement speed is increased. X-TRAC 7 uses a tracking beam sequence that keeps the instrument cross hairs focused on the moving prism pole. Internal firmware and advanced calculations are performed to determine and track the prism better than ever before.

Enhanced Remote Control. The X-TRAC 7 firmware enhances the performance of Topcon’s Quick Lock robotic remote control. The RC-3 remote firmware and command logic has been redesigned to take full advantage of X-TRAC 7 technology. The RC-3’s Quick Lock speed and accuracy have increased dramatically.

Features of the X-TRAC 7 technology include:

  • Fast, strong tracking of a prism even when exposed to other reflective objects.
  • Fast and accurate turning of the instrument when performing a RC-3 remote Quick Lock cycle.
  • Automatic power regulation of the RC-3 remote.
  • Extra control of the RC-3 remote from the FC-200 controller.

X-TRAC 7 technology is currently being supplied on all new Topcon GTS-900, Topcon GPT9000 and Topcon IS-200 Imaging Stations since November. Instruments supplied before this time can be upgraded to use this technology.