Topcon Quick Station Robotic Series with X-trac8

Topcon Prism and RC-4

Topcon’s Quick Station Robotic Series with X-trac8.

Topcon have just released a new robotic total station for engineers and surveyors. The new Topcon Quick Station is the most advanced system on the market today takes over from the GPT-9000 series Robotic Total Station.

The Topcon Quick Station series robotic system features

sophisticated technology unique to Topcon. The one-touch Quick-Lock feature that set the standard in Robotic target
acquisition has taken another step forward, with the new RC-4 remote control system. The Quick-Lock range has also been increased to 400m.

Dual laser integration significantly expands remote control coverage to speed up prism search and lock operations. The built-in Spread Spectrum Radio provides a convenient data link between the QS and Topcon’s FC field controller range or Tablet PC, eliminating the need for an extra radio for the rover system. In addition, the QS features XTRAC8, a superior technology solution for reliable prism tracking. Employing entirely new optics, laser system, along with advanced algorithms, XTRAC8 provides the QS Series with unsurpassed ability to keep tracking a moving prism even under in the most challenging of environments.

Available in 1, 3, and 5 second angle accuracies, you can select the instrument that is best suited to your requirements. All Quick Station series robotic systems offer reflectorless measurement superior to any other instrument available. The Quick Station is capable of precision measurements at a mind-boggling 2000m – that’s well over a mile without a prism! Even though you may never shoot that far, this technology has tremendous benefits for every user. The Class 1 laser is able
to measure to difficult objects such as wet roads or dark surfaces also.

Topcon Prism and RC-4

The Topcon QS Series robotic total stations are the most advanced systems on
the market.


  • XTRAC8™ Technology
  • Instantaneous re-acquisition of target lock
  • Fourth generation Quick-Lock technology
  • Multi-channel support
  • 20% increase in operational range
  • Advanced System Design
  • Completely cable-free instrument and rover
  • Integrated graphical Windows colour touch screen interface
  • New, super-fast servo technology
  • Integrated Radio System
  • 4 GHz interference free Spread Spectrum Radio
  • Fully integrated within instrument
  • Remotely controlled using RC-4R with integrated wireless unit
  • New FC-25A Field Controller
  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Windows Mobile colour touch-screen interface