Topcon GRS-1 Review

Topcon GRS-1

The Topcon GRS-1 has been on the market for a couple of years now. I have in the past been using the Topcon Hiper GPS System, but for a job on the M42 there was a need for surveying to OS Grid co-ordinate system.

The purchase price for a new Topcon GRS-1 is £9995.00+VAT and this includes your first year’s subscription to the TopNET correction service.

First Impressions.

The Topcon GRS-1 is very small, compact and lightweight. The Topcon GRS-1 comes complete in a Peli-Case measuring just 430x350x170mm. The 2m long detail pole is made up of 6 sections that screw together, all tethered by a single elastic cord running through the center. Most surveyors/engineers are surprised to see a case so small.

Setting Up and Getting Started.

Setting up the Topcon GRS-1 is easy and quick. Unpacking the Topcon GRS-1, attaching the external receiver and switching it on takes only a matter of minutes. Most of the setup time would be taken up with starting TopSURV, creating a new job and connecting to the correction service. However, when returning to complete a survey or setting out task then the setup time is greatly reduced.

Topcon GRS-1 Handset

Using the Topcon GRS-1.

Anyone familiar with the TopSURV package will instantly feel at home with the Topcon GRS-1. It is very light and easily carried from surveying point to surveying point. In fact it was very easy to survey a 4km stretch of motorway in one go. Not having to stop to have a rest due to aching arms is a great bonus when doing a large survey.

The TopNET coverage was generally very good through the length of the site. I must note that coverage was lost at one point through the survey of the site for about a minute as I believe the signal swapped towers. Coverage at this point on subsequent visits has been fine most times, and I have noted that my mobile phone signal has been weak at the same time.


The Topcon GRS-1 is a great network rover for surveying/engineering and for GIS work too. It is well packaged, lightweight and very versatile.


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