Topcon DL-500 Digital Level

Topcon DL-500 Series Digital Levels.

Topcon have released their new DL-500 Series Digital Levels. And it’s packed with new features and programmes.

The new DL-500 series Digital Levels have “wave and read” technology, a world’s first. This technology allows the staff to be rocked back and forth by the chainman and the Topcon DL-500 will automatically read the lowest value. Thus eliminating errors in reading waved staffs.

The DL-500 also has advanced Random Bidirectional Code for the staff and optimum processing algorithm. It is also capable of taking readings in low light conditions.

All of these improvements are to the benefit of the user in providing improved measurement accuracy, speed and ease of use. Errors are kept to a minimum too, the DL-500 can recognise whether the staff is upright or inverted.

Two models are available in different height measurement accuracy.

DL-502: 0.6mm (Invar staff), 1.0mm (fiberglass staff)DL-503: 0.8mm (Invar staff), 1.5mm (fiberglass staff)

DL-500 features include:

Reliable pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system;2,000 points internal memory;Onboard measurement programs such as elevation, height difference, ceiling height, cut/fill and stakeout in horizontal distance.