How often should you check a rotating laser?

A rotating laser level should be checked for level accuracy at least once a week. This is the recommended interval when the rotating laser level is in daily use. If the rotating laser level is used infrequently then it should be checked before use. Checking a rotating laser level for level accuracy is not difficult. […]

How to check a Rotating Laser Level for Accuracy.

How to check a Rotating Laser Rotating Laser Levels are great bits of kit for providing levels over both small and large distances. And the cost of a rotating laser level can be expensive. But a rotating laser level that is not accurate is worthless or could potentially cause costly mistakes. So, it is important […]

The Purpose and Importance of Land Surveying

Purpose and importance of land surveying

Whenever we want to change the place that we live we first need to know what our current place looks like. We need to take accurate measurements and be able to communicate these easily to other people. People who will have different skills to help change the place that we live. When we are wanting […]

The Surveyor and Surveying Equipment

surveyor and surveying equipment

How does a surveyor measure distance? There are several ways for a surveyor to measure distances these days. There are numerous different measurement instruments a surveyor will use depending on what they are measuring. Years ago, when surveyors had to measure long distances, they would use a chain of a certain length. The length of […]

The Automatic Level

Automatic Level

Why we need the Automatic Level. There are numerous times that we need to measure levels accurately. Most people know what a spirit level is and how to use it. They can get an arbitrary, accurate level over 1m, 2m or even 3m with a spirit level. But what if we need to achieve accurate […]

Warning! Pipe Laser Beam Refraction

Pipe laser refraction, laser moving

Can a Pipe Laser Beam Refract. Pipe lasers are great bits of kit for laying drainage pipes. They ensure that pipes are laid straight and to the correct grade. They make the job of laying drains easy. They make the job of laying drains accurately. They make the job of laying drains quicker. At least […]

Are Laser Levels Accurate?

are laser levels accurate

Are Rotating Laser Levels More Accurate than Claimed? I have often said in review articles about rotating laser levels that I find them to be more accurate than the quoted figures from the manufacturers. These comments are based on my experience using some of the best rotating laser levels that are available for use on […]

Why you should check your auto level weekly.

auto level checks to be done weekly

Weekly Checks are Essential on Auto Levels The Auto Level, while not great in cost, is a precision piece of measuring equipment. Being able to see and provide levels, to within a couple of millimetres, at a distance of 50m from the auto level is incredible. But having confidence that your auto level is giving […]

The Best Way to Find Freelance Work

The Best Way to Find Freelance Work. Blog post header.

Doing an internet search for finding a freelance engineering role usually brings up lots of adverts for companies that say they can get you a job. They all say they know the key to success for your next freelance role. But do they?