In this guide I will be outlining the steps needed to create a drawing Title Block in the Topcon SurveyMaster software package. 


1.       Open up the drawing *.ccx file.


2.       Go to the Library section and select Title Block.

SurveyMaster Screenshot 1

3.       A Page Setup dialog box will come up and select the desired paper that you going to use.

SurveyMaster Screenshot 2

In the margins set all of these to 0.00 and then press ok.


4.       The following dialog box comes up and you need to press ignore.

5.       Select the bottom corner of your proposed drawing (Usually 0.000,0.000)

SurveyMaster Screenshot 4

This should highlight the area in yellow.  Notice the little red square in the bottom left corner, this is where you should have clicked.


6.       You next need to define where the actual survey will fit in the drawing.  Do this by clicking the inner bottom left corner and then the top right hand corner (where the “Notes” text is).

SurveyMaster Screenshot 5

Save your drawing template using a name that means something to you and save as a Binary Title Block File in the Library folder of SurveyMaster (or another folder that Survey Master looks at).


You should now be able to select this Title Block the next time you create a plot window.