Levelling Procedure Using Optical Levels.

Using an Automatic Level like the Topcon AT G6 should be easy and yield accurate results every time. This easy to follow guide is designed so that you can get accurate results out of your automatic level time and time again.

Setting Up an Automatic Level.


Setting Up the Tripod.

Before taking the automatic level out of its protective box, you should first set up your tripod securely. I find that extending the legs so that they have only about 25mm (1 inch) travel left and then setting the tripod head to be just below my chin comfortable for most levelling exercises. This allows the legs to be spread further for more stability.

Setting Up the Automatic Level.

Take the Automatic Level out of its box carefully and secure to the tripod using the 5/8 screw into the base plate of the automatic level. Level up the automatic level by using the levelling screws until the bubble is in the center of the circular level.

See: Optical Level Nomenclature.

Your automatic level should now be level and ready to use.

The Next Step in this Levelling Procedure Using Optical Levels is Optical Level Focusing.