Quick and Simple Test for a Tripod.


This is a quick and simple test to check whether your tripod is up to the job. If your tripod doesn't pass this simple test then your tripod will not adequately support your surveying equipment and will adversely affect the accuracy of your surveying equipment





The Quick and Simple Test.

  1. Take the tripod you wish to test into an open area where you can freely extend the legs fully.
  2. With the legs together, extend the the legs of the tripod to their working height. (This should leave between 25mm(1inch) to 150mm(6inches) of travel left to fully extended).
  3. Raise one leg of the tripod to a horizontal position (holding the other two legs of the tripod vertical).
  4. The horizontal leg of the tripod should just be self supporting and should be able to be pushed back to the vertical position with the lightest of touches.
  5. Repeat the above test for each of the legs of the tripod.
  6. If a leg of your tripod does not support itself in the horizontal position then the tripod will not be stable enough to support your survey equipment and allow it operate accurately.


If your tripod does not pass the above test it is advisable to get a new one from your survey equipment dealer. Remember to purchase a tripod that is suitable to support your survey equipment.